Articles and Features

Occasionally we produce brief articles with spotlights on quotable authors or topics, or anything we have to say that's longer than a paragraph or two. The feature articles are listed below, with the newest at the top.

About Quotations by Author12/10/2000
Answers to Your Questions09/05/2000
Dr. Laurence J. Peter08/23/2000
The Suicide of Cleopatra08/30/1998
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)08/09/1998
Dave Barry07/05/1998
Frank Lloyd Wright06/07/1998
Walt Whitman05/31/1998
Memorial Day05/24/1998
Malcolm X05/17/1998
Winston Churchill (1874-1965)05/10/1998
Soren Kierkegaard05/03/1998
Spring and Gardening04/26/1998
Bette Davis04/05/1998
Rene Descartes03/29/1998
The End of Prohibition03/22/1998
Adult Learning03/15/1998
The Tomb of Iufaa03/08/1998
My Perceptions of Trains03/01/1998
Worry and Happiness02/22/1998
Andre Gide02/15/1998
Ayn Rand02/01/1998
W. Somerset Maugham01/25/1998
Edgar Allan Poe01/18/1998
Common Sense by Thomas Paine01/04/1998
The Holiday Season12/21/1997
Jane Austen12/15/1997
The Flu Bug (Sickness)12/07/1997
Mark Twain (1835-1910) 11/30/1997
The Hollywood Ten11/23/1997
High School Reunions / Friendship11/16/1997
Carl Sagan11/09/1997
Will Rogers11/02/1997
Halloween and Fear10/26/1997
Income Taxes04/14/1997
St. Valentine's Day02/10/1997
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)01/20/1997