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The Comments On “The Mommy Wars”

May 8th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in News

If you didn’t read the comments on my entry, “The Mommy Wars,” you should go back now and read them. They started out with a bang.

“I would rather see a person who raised 10 brand new productive members of society over someone who has no real legacy.”

That is the exact attitude that I am sick of. Ten human beings in the world, even if they are “productive” can’t compare with the poetry of Walt Whitman. Long after those ten people are buried, his poems will still inspire people. Is Walt Whitman “someone who has no real legacy” because he never had children? Is Shakespeare? Or Louis Armstrong? Or Jane Austen?

Why is it that birthing a child is considered a legacy? It’s a biological process. It’s a difficult 19 years, but you cannot take credit for anything that child has done, even if you fill with pride at every little accomplishment. Their accomplishments are their own, not yours.

A REAL legacy is created by YOU, not your children. The words I write will last far longer than the biological offspring that I could create. Passing on DNA is something animals do. Creating a legacy can only be accomplished with your hands and your mind.

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The Mommy Wars

May 5th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in News

CNN has a story about the “Mommy Wars.” How much of the stay-at-home mothers VS. the working mothers is a media-derived issue?

What amazes me is the silent among us who are not parents. While mothers are trying desperately to prove that each of their lifestyle choices are more important than the other, those of us who have chosen to not burden the world with children are ignored. While the media focuses on which mother is better for society, those who are unable to have children are invisible.

It seems that something happens when you have children that makes you think that you are suddenly entitled to more in this world. Is it the fact that the stroller takes up so much space on the sidewalk that you think you are justified when you run over my foot? Why do you sneer at me when it was you who hurt me with the stroller? I don’t quite understand it.

What do can I learn from quotations?

Ellen DeGeneres Wins Another Emmy

May 3rd, 2006 by Laura Moncur in News

AP Photo of Ellen DeGeneres accepting her Emmy award.I’m so glad to see that Ellen DeGeneres has won another Emmy award.

I really enjoyed Ellen’s primetime comedy show and I was heartbroken when it was cancelled. I felt like Ellen was really brave when she came out and it seemed like she was punished for that bravery. If she was punished before, she’s finally getting the awards that she deserved back then. Ellen has been a great source of funny and inspirational quotes.

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New Fossil Found in Africa

April 14th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in News

Scientists have uncovered yet another link in the human evolution chain.

“We just found the chain of evolution, the continuity through time,” study co-author and Ethiopian anthropologist Berhane Asfaw said in a phone interview from Addis Ababa. “One form evolved to another. This is evidence of evolution in one place through time.”

Couple Fakes Sextuplet Birth

April 13th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in News

Photo from Associated PressIn Missouri, Sarah and Kris Everson told the media that they had given birth to four boys and two girls on March 8th, but the authorities have revealed that it was just an elaborate fraud.

Kind-hearted people jumped to their rescue:

Those who heard the Eversons’ sad story of tight finances set up a Web site to solicit contributions — including a van, washer and dryer, cash and gift certificates. A real estate agent was even working to find the family new housing.

Why would they even wish it on themselves?

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