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July 14th, 2005 by Michael Moncur in

Welcome! This is a weblog that features daily writings by Michael and Laura Moncur about quotations, quotable people, literature, and other topics related to our site, The Quotations Page.

We’ve actually had two “weblogs” on this site since 1997:

  • The “Latest Updates and News” section of the home page, where we posted updates about the site
  • The Quotes of the Week feature, which started in 1997 and was later known as “Special Features” and “Articles”

This weblog consolidates those older items into a single place. More importantly, we’ll be writing new items daily. The following are topics we plan to cover:

  • Updates about the site
  • New quotations recently added to the site
  • What particular quotations mean, or what they mean to us
  • Motivational quotations and inspiration
  • Biographies and facts about quotable people
  • Observations on current and classic literature
  • Quotations for special occasions and holidays
  • Answers to your quotation questions

While our Quotes of the Day are chosen by a computer, the weblog will have something new for you every weekday, written by an actual human being. We hope you enjoy it.

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