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Ghost Rider

April 30th, 2008 by Laura Moncur in Literature, Quotations

Ghost Rider (2007) on DVD at Amazon.comI had the pleasure of watching Ghost Rider yesterday. Even though it came out a year ago, it took me this long to see it. I don’t know how it fell through the cracks, but I’m sure glad I put it on my Netflix queue, because it showed up in my mailbox. I had forgotten all about it, but last year I put it on my list and it finally floated to the top.

It’s rare when I get a quote from a movie, but yesterday while watching Ghost Rider, I wrote down this quote:

You would think that with such a great quote that the movie would be about making good choices in your life, but it seemed to be more about getting a second chance at life.

Here is a preview of the movie:

My favorite bit of inside joke from the movie is the fact that Peter Fonda plays the devil in this movie. Peter Fonda is known for his role in Easy Rider, which is a very different motorcycle movie. You can see the opening credits here:

The complete circle of Peter Fonda as a sort of anti-hero of the sixties to the devil of the present time is my favorite sort of inside joke. It’s probably no coincidence that Ghost Rider was named with such a similar name to Easy Rider (plus the play on words with the famous phrase “ghost writer”).

Ghost Rider was based on the comic book series by the same name. You can purchase the complete comic book collection on DVD-ROM here:

Ghost Rider Volume 1: Vicious Cycle at Amazon.comI have never been able to enjoy magazines on a computer; my Mad Magazine collection is sitting in the basement relatively untouched. I prefer REAL books, so here are the trade paperbacks for Ghost Rider.

I love comic books and their movies because they deal with the simple story of evil vs. good. Sure, a lot of them try to blur those lines a little, but in the end, I love to have a good guy to root for.

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