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Unshelved Week: 13 Bullets

October 31st, 2007 by Laura Moncur in Literature

13 Bullets by David Wellington at Amazon.comIn time for Halloween, how about 13 Bullets by David Wellington:

It’s a vampire thriller with a twist:

Special deputy Jameson Arkeley stopped a vampire rampage 20 years earlier, during which he whittled down all known bloodsuckers to a single survivor, Justinia Malvern. Kept alive at a sanitarium in rural Pennsylvania by minimal life support and bizarre laws preventing her extermination, wispy Justinia seems a threat to no one—until a series of vampire killings in the area suggest that she has found a secret way to spread her taint. Convinced that Justinia’s minions plan to spring her and revive her to full power, Arkeley commandeers state trooper Laura Caxton to help him find their lair and wipe them out before they can get their vampire queen the blood she needs.

As described by Unshelved:

This isn’t the movies. Crosses don’t work, blood makes vampires virtually unstoppable, and their undead servants have taken a personal interest in Caxton and her girlfriend.

Sounds like a great read for the season!

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