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Jimmy Wales Explains Life

August 8th, 2007 by Laura Moncur in Quotations

I was sitting in the audience when Jimmy Wales said this famous phrase. He was talking about his experience with mediating things on Wikipedia, but this quote covers life outside of the Internet as well.

All of the people I’ve met in person, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, are either reasonable or jerks. It’s a pretty easy line to draw. I’ve met reasonable Democrats and Republicans. I’ve met jerks in both categories as well.

Next time you find yourself in an argument, either online or in real life. Think to yourself, “Am I being a jerk? Am I being reasonable? Is the other person being a jerk or reasonable?” If you find yourself in an argument with a jerk, just drop it. They just want to raise your hackles.

If you find yourself being a jerk, stop it and go exercise. You’ll feel better afterward and maybe keep your friend.

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