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Special Props Go Out To Phaedrus

July 2nd, 2007 by Laura Moncur in Quotations

Just a note to everyone about a moderator in our Quotations Forum. Phaedrus has been helping us in the forum, deleting spam and answering questions.

When I am stumped on a quotation question, I am always surprised at how quickly and accurately Phaedrus is able to answer. For example, we recently had this question in the Who Said That? Forum:

Can anybody help me!

I am looking for the reference for Mary Field Belenky’s quote.

“Really listening and suspending one’s own judgment is necessary in order to understand other people on their own terms… This is a process that requires trust and builds trust.”

I would be eternally grateful if you can tell me.

Regards, Jenny

After looking through my records, I was unable to provide a reference for her, but Phaedrus pulled through with more accuracy that I could have hoped for:

It’s from Women’s Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind By Mary Field Belenky, p. 187. The full passage is here:

Google Books – really listening and suspending one

Now, that quote is in our collection with more accuracy than before and it’s all because of Phaedrus’ untiring devotion to quotations.

Thanks again, Phaedrus, you’re the best!

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