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Quotes on Religion from Skeptics

June 7th, 2007 by Laura Moncur in Quotations

An interesting collections of quotes set to music and including pictures of those quoted. With skeptics ranging from our founding fathers to contemporary scientists, it’s a nice collection.

5 Responses to “Quotes on Religion from Skeptics”

  1. riah Says:

    the bibical defition of faith is beliving in what you can’t see

  2. KeeofCee Says:

    That may well be the “biblical definition” of faith. The point being made by many quoted here is that it is not not rational, wise or even justified in any way to believe what you “can’t see”, or for which there is no demonstratable evidence.

  3. Inbal Says:

    Amen :)

  4. RACook Says:

    Honest doubt of one’s faith is commendable – growth can occur. Doubt out of fear of the unknowable and unseeable gets you nowhere – you start creating walls where there are none. To assume humans have attained the ultimate in knowledge and understanding of this cosmos is not very scientific. Nor does Science and Faith try to answer the same questions about this universe, and they usually get in serious trouble when they attempt that crossover. Don’t confuse the role of belief and knowledge – you get to those two points through different paths and for different reasons. Thank God for skeptics, they keep the gray cells working….

  5. Vulcan Says:

    I have difficulty putting what I want to say in words, but I would say the very first quote sums up most of it. organized religion is evil, even though I believe the Bible. I detest the word religion. Most religious teachers teach things that just are not true, by the bible or by any evidence. I can ruin them with their own book. The biggest of all lies is God will torment anyone eternally, the second biggest is we need to give them money. I can disprove what is taught in churches using the Bible. I think this is one of the main reason people detest religion, because they can see through the lies and hypocrisy. The bible says if you do not make it to heaven you die, just as everyone would otherwise believe.

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