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April 5th, 2007 by Michael Moncur in Site News

Twitter, as mentioned in the previous post, is a service that lets you post short updates to your friends, who can receive them on the web, on an I/M client, or on their mobile phone.

If you’re a Twitter user, we’ve created a service that will send you four daily humorous or motivational quotations:

Once you’ve set up a Twitter account, you can subscribe to these by clicking on one of the links above and clicking the “Add quotations” or “Add motivation” link in the right column.

The quotations are chosen randomly by computer and sent four times a day, four hours apart. (Humorous quotes are sent at 8:00 AM, 12:00, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, and the Motivational quotes are sent at 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. If you subscribe to both, you’ll get a quote every two hours.)

These are drawn from the same databases as our Quotes of the Day and Motivational Quotes of the Day, but they won’t be the same quotes as you see on those pages—the Twitter service has a limit of 140 characters, so we choose shorter quotations especially for Twitter.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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