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November 13th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Site News

Many of our readers have collections of their own and would like to give us quotes that we are missing from our website. We appreciate all submissions so much that we have set up a form to use to submit quotations. You can find it here:

In case you’re thinking about adding quotations using our Contributed Quotations form, here are some tips that will ensure that your quote gets added:

  • Spelling counts: If the quote you have added is misspelled or is lacking punctuation, it will not be considered. If we have to proof-read your submission, it will be deleted, not added to the collection.

  • Include the author: If you type I don’t know, unknown or anonymous in the author field, we won’t even look at your submission. If you don’t know the author, it’s just a pretty thought, not a quotation.

  • Don’t quote yourself: If you are quoting yourself, it’s not a quote, it’s publication. We won’t consider adding submissions that are self-quotes.

  • Don’t quote bumper stickers: I know they’re witty, but they fall into the category of unknown authors. We want attributions.

  • Include the source: Including the book, movie, website, etc. where you got the quote greatly improves the odds that it will be chosen to add to the collection.

  • Unique sources are a plus: If you quote a video game, a webcomic, a comic book or television show with the author’s name and the source, you are almost guaranteed to have the quotation added to the collection. We are always on the lookout for unique quotes. You’ll even get extra bonus points for additional information like television episode, URL or series number.

We have a three-tiered system to our quotations collections. The collections that you see are added personally by Mike and I. The contributed quotes sit in a file until one of the two of us goes through it and either approves or deletes it. When a contributed quotation is approved, it doesn’t get added to our collection, only the Contributed Quotations collection, which is only searchable with extra effort. After a quote has been in the Contributed Quotations collection for a while, we will eventually add it to ours. We go through this process to preserve accuracy and even then, we get things wrong.

If you find a quotation that is incorrect, please tell us. It’s really easy to do. Each quote has its own page and there is a link for each one where you can email us. Click on the sentence: “Notice an error or discrepancy? Send us a comment about this quotation,” and we will be able to correct the quote.

Thank you to all of the people who have entered their favorite quotations into our Contributed Quotations collection. We appreciate your dedication to your favorite thoughts.

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