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Study and Observe

October 26th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Motivation

Observation: it’s a loaded word and probably why Marilyn used it. Observation not only implies watching things, but making judgments based on what you have seen. I don’t know how you could really obtain wisdom from making judgments without testing them.

This is one of those quotes that sounds really good, but ends up being not very helpful in real life. Sure I can study. Sure I can observe. I’ll do the best I can but I think a little trial and error is better for the mind than all the observation of a lifetime.

One Response to “Study and Observe”

  1. kraz8 Says:

    It seems to me Ms. Moncur misinterpeted the quote. The quote is very accurate, as I see it. To study, in this context, is to learn by book and lecture. Reading about other people’s dicoveries and ideas. Observing, in this context, means paying attention to life and the world around you, including the action-reaction consequences that come from your personal experiences. If you know that seeds must be planted to grow a crop and harvest it for food, you have knowledge. If you can successfully grow and harvest that crop, you have wisdom that was obtained by observation. Observing others and your own attempts.

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