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Pleased With One’s Limits

October 25th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Motivation

Oh, this is such a nice way of saying this! I have noticed so many people who seem like they ENJOY their limits. I knew a woman who bragged about how scared she was of mice. She actually fainted and injured herself because a mouse was in her home. I just looked at her and said,

“You say that like you’re proud of it.”

She could tell by the tone of my voice that I thought she was bragging about her limitations and angrily didn’t talk for an hour. I know there are people who suffer from phobias. Their lives are severely restricted because of these fears, but I have never heard a person who is under treatment for a phobia sound like they are proud of it.

Listen to yourself. If you are bragging about your limitations, STOP IT! Stop it right now. Every time you feel the urge to say to comment on it, try turning it around. Try saying the positive in your mind instead.

Instead of:

“I’m so scared of mice, one time I fainted!”

Think to yourself:

“Nothing scares me, not even mice.”

Instead of:

“I never pump my own gasoline. I get my partner to do it for me. I don’t even know if I can remember how to do it.”

Think to yourself:

I can do anything. Nothing stops me from getting things done.”

Instead of:

“I never watch the news. It just depresses me, so I stopped watching it.” (This is MY limitation)

I think to myself:

“I am able to stay informed without getting bogged down in the emotional aspects of it all.”

Turn your limitations into assests and NEVER ever brag about them. Goethe had it right and said it far better than I did.

One Response to “Pleased With One’s Limits”

  1. maraudersangel Says:

    You know I’m really guilty of doing this….. Interesting and very thought provoking. I’m going to start working on getting rid of this. Cheers.

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