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Laurie Anderson

September 25th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Biography

Strange AngelsAh… Laurie Anderson. I discovered her in my junior year of high school back in 1986. By then, she was an established experimental artist and I reveled in her music. She didn’t need to make sense or even rhyme, but she did and she did.

So much of my personality can be attributed to her Sharkey. I must have listened to Sharkey’s Night enough times to permanently burn William S. Burroughs‘ voice into my memory. I wanted to be Sharkey so much that I memorized every word she told me he said:

I never owned an album with the song, Language Is A Virus, on it, but I taped it off the radio. Take that, DRM Nazis!

It’s funny how an artist from our youth can be rediscovered and found just as interesting the second time around as the first. It’s amazing how well her music has aged.

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