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If You Think I’m Famous, Why Did You Misspell My Name?

August 28th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Links

Elisa CamahortI saw Elisa Camahort at SXSW. She moderated a panel about being transparent when writing a weblog: the risks and the benefits. She said a profound thing and I put her quotation into our collection.

And I misspelled her name…

Funny thing, she didn’t find her quote in our collection and call us out on it, she found it in one of the many collections that siphon our collection and repost it without checking the veracity or even crediting us. She wrote on one of those sites:

“If you think I’m famous and uttering famous quotes, why are you spelling my name ‘Alissa’?”

Umm… That would be me. Sorry about that. I have no idea how I made that mistake. I was going to blame the little sign in front of you on the panel table, but Betsy took a picture, and it’s obvious that I would have spelled your last name wrong if it hadn’t been for the sign. I just made a mistake.

Elisa Camahort at SXSWi 2006

Elisa is a co-founder of Blogher and keeps a personal weblog. You can read more from her here:

Her quotation has been corrected in our collection. That’s why we are the best place to go for quotations. We pony up when we make a mistake and we actually fix it.

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