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Insincerity Is The Enemy of Clear Language

February 15th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Quotations

Penn & Teller - Bullsh*t! - The First SeasonI have just finished watching the first season of Penn & Teller’s television show, Bullsh*t. Penn & Teller have made a living debunking magicians and other tricksters, but they have turned their discerning eyes on society and have found just as many charlatans in the world as they did on the stage. They attack many questionable things in our society, but there is one thing in common with them all: their language.

No matter whom Penn & Teller are questioning, the words are purposely used to cloud the issue. It doesn’t matter if they are talking about feng shui, alien abductions, psychic readings, penis enlargement or diet products. The one underlying thing with all of them is their language is very complicated and tries to make things less clear. I guess George Orwell was right.

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