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The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

February 8th, 2006 by Laura Moncur in Links

Graffiti Removal by Ward JenkinsI read the Ward-O-Matic every day. I found Ward’s website when he did a review of why Polar Express is so creepy, but his excellent writing and casual demeanor has kept me reading every day. Somehow, I missed this entry last March, but he linked to it.

In this entry, he comments on a DVD that he watched that playfully entertained the idea that the city workers that cover graffiti are actually artists on par with Rothko and Malevich. After looking at some of Ward’s photography of graffiti removal, suddenly the world is filled with unknowing artists everywhere.

These are my favorites:

Rust Trumps All by Ward Jenkins

I love this photo. Paint, graffiti, and everything else that man can do cannot win against rust. Rust trumps all.

Anger High Voltage by Ward Jenkins

When I first saw this picture, I read the sign as saying, “Anger High Voltage” and nodded my head gravely. “Yes,” I said to myself, “Anger IS a high voltage.”

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