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One Degree Below Your Means

July 26th, 2005 by Laura Moncur in Motivation

This has been said before. The first time I heard this concept it was from another quote by a famous author:

It’s not as concise and succinct as the Sir Henry Taylor quote, but much more vivid. Six pounds over a year can result in misery. Six pounds under a year and your life is bliss. The big question, however, is, “How do I live a degree below my means?”

I’m sure there are many ways to do it. There are probably as many ways to live below your annual income as there are people. If each of us were to write this essay, we would all have different ideas. Let me tell you what works for me.

I have a separate savings account. It’s at a different bank than the one that I use for my daily expenses. A portion of every paycheck is automatically sent there every pay period and it remains untouched. Just having that small amount of extra money waiting for me in an almost forgotten account is enough to ease all my money fears.

I don’t save a lot of money there. The difference between happiness and misery is a total of 12 pounds a year. We are talking about one degree below your income. The beauty of this is that I have the freedom to choose the percentage of my paycheck that is placed into this untouched account. When it grows a considerable size, I can choose which bill to send an extra payment to or what pleasure I want to splurge on.

This is what has worked for me. When I have a small cushion to soften a financial blow or to splurge on once a year, I feel much more secure and contented. What is it that will make you more contented financially? Find out what you need to change your situation from misery to happiness.

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  1. sigsfried Says:

    I know this is from ages ago but I think it is 6d possibly 6 shillings certainly not 6 pounds that is being refered to here. Back in the time when UK currency had 240d per £

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