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Shakespeare's Insults : Educating Your Wit
by William Shakespeare, Wayne F. Hill, Cynthia J. Ottchen (Contributor)

Before Winston Churchill, Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde, there was William Shakespeare. Here are 5,00 ways to verbally maim your adversaries. Want positive and loving quotations? Look somewhere else.

A Dictionary of Who, What, and Where in Shakespeare
by Sandra Clark (Editor)

"A Comprehensive Guide to Shakespeare's Plays, Characters, and Contemporaries" Do you confuse Rosencrantz with Guildenstern? Get them and everything else Shakespearean straight with this book.

A Dictionary of Quotations from Shakespeare
by William Shakespeare, Hugh Rawson, Margaret Miner

"A Topical Guide to over 3,000 Great Passages from the Plays, Sonnets, and Narrative Poems" Over 3,000 quotations are organized by over 400 subjects. Includes a complete index, tons of historical notes and explanations.

Coined by Shakespeare
by Stanley Malless, Jeffrey McQuain, R. O. Blechman (Illustrator)

"Words and Meanings First Used by the Bard" Organized alphabetically, this book concentrates on words that were invented by Shakespeare. You'll be surprised which words were originally coined by the Bard.

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works
by William Shakespeare, Stanley Wells (Editor), Gary Taylor (Editor)

The Oxford Shakespeare is one of the most highly recommended editions of William Shakespeare's work, and this is a nice affordable edition.

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