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The Best of Will Rogers
by Will Rogers, Bryan Sterling (Editor)

A collection of Rogers' wit and wisdom astonishingly relevant for today's world - about 1000 quotations. With a foreward by Will Rogers Jr.

Will Rogers Speaks: Over 1,000 Timeless Quotations
by Will Rogers, Frances N. Sterling (Contributor), Bryan B. Sterling

Over 2000 quotes from Will Rogers, divided by subject. Rogers is one of my favorite quotable people, and you can't go wrong with an entire book of his words.

Bite-Size Twain : Wit & Wisdom from the Literary Legend
by John P. Holms (Editor), Karin Baji (Compiler), Mark Twain

If you enjoy the Mark Twain quotations in our collections, you will enjoy this collection of his writings in convenient bite-sized pieces.

The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill
by James C. Humes, Winston Churchill

Over 1000 quotations and observations from Winston Churchill, probably one of the most quoted (and deservedly so) leaders in history. Designed more for enjoyable reading than for accurate research with attributions.

Bette Davis Speaks
by Bette Davis, Boze Hadleigh

An entire book of sarcastic remarks from Bette Davis. In a collection of interviews with the author, conducted from the mid-1970s until her death, the legendary actress shares her candid views on her four husbands and various lovers, her costars and rivals, her films, and the difficulties of aging.

The Yogi Book : 'I Really Didn't Say Everything I Said'
by Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola, Dale Berra (Introduction)

A collection of Yogi Berra's witticisms, even the ones he actually did say. Compiled by Yogi Berra and his family. "It ain't over 'til it's over" and all the rest are included.

by Dr. Seuss

"Wise and Witty Prescriptions for Living from the Good Doctor" Quotations from the beloved Dr. Suess on life and living.

Seuss-Isms for Success
by Dr. Seuss, Tom Peters (Introduction)

"Insider Tips on Economic Health from the Good Doctor" Quotations from the beloved Dr. Seuss on all things business.

The Expanded Quotable Einstein
by Albert Einstein, Alice Calaprice (Editor), Freeman J. Dyson

This is the definitive collection of Einstein quotations. It's organized by subject and carefully indexed, and has an emphasis on accuracy and detailed attributions. The Expanded edition includes more quotations including a "Things Einstein Didn't Say" section.

Bite-Size Einstein
by Albert Einstein, Jerry Mayer (Compiler), John P. Holmes (Compiler), je Mayer

"Quotations on Just About Everything from the Greatest Mind of the Twentieth Century" If you enjoy the Einstein quotations in our collections, you will like this collection of his writings in convenient bite-sized pieces.

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