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Dave Barry in Cyberspace
by Dave Barry

Dave Barry's recent collection of witty commentary about computers, the Internet, and all sorts of other stuff.

Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus
by Dave Barry

With a title clearly stolen from the popular love-help book, one would think that this book was a parody of the John Gray series, but they have nothing in common. Enjoy the fun anyway.

Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need
by Dave Barry

This summer, travel the Dave Barry way. Even better, buy it to read on the plane, and you'll suddenly notice irritating things that you never noticed before.

Dave Barry Slept Here
by Dave Barry

Dave won a Pulitzer with this book. If you can only afford to buy one of his many books, this is it.

Dave Barry Turns 40
by Dave Barry

Dave does some thinking out loud about the aging process, aiming his thoughts at his "career-pursuing, insurance-buying, fitness-observing, Lamaze-class-taking, breast-feeding, data-processing, mortgage-paying, Parents'-Night-attending, business-card-exchanging, compact-disc-owning, tooth-flossing" contemporaries. Funny and true-to-life, especially if you were born before 1957.

Dave Barry Turns 50
by Dave Barry

Another treatise on getting old, now from the perspective of aging baby boomers. Not just a collection of his newspaper columns, but a walk through the innocence and nostalgia of the baby boomers.

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