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Today's Featured Quotation Book

Famous Lines : A Columbia Dictionary of Familiar Quotations
by Robert Andrews (Editor)
I wish I had owned this quote book when I was doing my Quote of the Week on Sickness. This collection has many unique quotations that you wouldn't find in any other collection. In fact, there is a section on Frigidity (only one quote in the section, but still). I dare you to find another collection with as varied a selection of quotes. [More Reference Quotation Books]

Recommended Reading

Poems: A Selection
by William Claire
A selections of poems William Claire has written, and published, over the past 40 years. [More Recommended Reading]

Today's Featured Reference Book

The Dictionary of Cliches
by James Rogers
Lists and explains all of those run-of-the-mill, garden-variety phrases we know as cliches. Whether you're a writer or speaker trying to learn how to avoid using cliches, or a space alien trying to fit into Earth society, you'll find this book invaluable. [More Other Reference Books]

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