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Guy Kawasaki interviews Jon Winokur

November 14th, 2006 by Michael Moncur in Links, Site News

Venture capitalist and business blogger Guy Kawasaki has an entertaining 10-question interview with Jon Winokur. Jon is the author of The Portable Curmudgeon, one of the first quotation books I ever purchased.

Read it for Winokur’s thoughts on arrogance, humor, quotations, Republicans, and the French, and a sampling of his favorite quotes. He even mentions our site and calls it “one of the better ones,” which I found flattering—Jon’s books are one of the things that inspired me to create this site in the first place. Granted, it’s in the middle of a paragraph about his preference for using anything but quotation websites as sources, but we’ll take whatever compliment we can get from a curmudgeon.

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