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 Post subject: Newest blog entry
PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:14 pm 

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i just wrote this. its on my myspace and my tumblr account. please PM me of you want the links. i am 18 years old and my name is Michael Taylor

"A Parents Life

i wonder whats its like to be a parent. you get to experience all the best things that life has to offer. so many memories from when your children are born, to their first words and their first day of school. but with all the good... there has to come some bad.

growing up ive noticed a few things, with my own experiences and from others. parents put a lot of trust into their children. youd think that if a parent does a good job raising their kids that theyll make the best decisions. im pretty sure thats what most parents think. but, what about when your kids get to middle school and high school? they start to learn new things, make new friends, wanna try new things. how could you be sure that the influence of that kids parents is stronger than the one of his or her friends? after all; thats who they are growing up with. they are able to relate much easier to their peers than to the parents who just tell them what to do.

as we get older, most of us seem to stray away from our parents. were not as close as we were when we were younger. we dont abide by the rules and we tend to be more angry. i wonder how a parent feels when they know that the child they raised is now gone. no more diapers, no more parent teacher confrences, and most of all... a lot of them have to make the transtition from having their child living with them and then letting them leave and make a life of their own.

i guess most parents would feel accomplished. theyve been through all the ups and downs of raising a child. but im pretty sure some feel empty. how could you go so many years with that child you raised only for them to leave you when they think theyre mature enough. how do you react to that?

and i feel bad for parents a lot of the time. like when i see nice parents who try raising a disobediant child. i wonder if its their fault or if its because the world had a stronger influence on them. i mean, i know im not the best kid. and i do things that my parents wouldnt approve of. maybe i feel this way all the time cause im guilty. guilty because we have almost nothing and i act like were rich. i have to have name brand expensive clothes while my mom shops at kmart for the sales. so much sacrifice just to get nothing in return. damn.. my eyes are blurry now. thinking of stuff like that hits a spot that i dont like to play with. so im done for now. thanks if you read this."

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