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 Post subject: The Wonderful UN
PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:40 am 

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Seems as though the recent conflict between isreal and palestine has (once again) made the UN look useless.
So let's take a poll.
Is the UN worth their weight these days, or have they outlived their usefulness?

BTW, I say they are usefull IF they start extending their reach, and start doing something instead of just writing angry letters telling people how angry they are with them.

We hold these truths to be selve evident, but evidence is not ownership. Those words are not a decree that we have life, liberty, happiness. Only an iron clad statement that it is ours if we are willing to do all that is necessary to take it.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:47 am 

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Big Day Out

Following a marathon sitting of the United Nations this week, lasting almost 3 hours, it was announced that an extra day will be added to the year, from 2007 onwards. It was declared in the assembly, by general consensus, that June 31st will be the 'International Day of the International Day'.

"We have decided to set aside a day in recognition of the great work that we have done in allocating days of the year to the causes that occupy 'think about it 'pace on the First World's calendar."Said General Consensus, the UN delegate for Molvania.

"These 'charity days' make perfect sense", said the General. "The world's middle classes want to assuage their guilt about enjoying the fruits of their labour while other people struggle to survive. So what better way to get it all over and done with than by rolling many of the current charity days into one additional 24 hour period that won't inconvenience anyone."

To start the ball rolling, next year the UN will be promoting 'Shave Your Red Nose In Casual Clothing While Talking Like A Pirate On A Forty Hour Famine, Day'.

Spokesperson for the UN's accountability division, Milford Sound, said "Yes, it's true that by combining all of the charity days into one, some of the more amusing activities may miss out on promotion. Although certain localized festivals remain beyond our scope and will probably continue in isolation. For example, 'Lock Up Your Boss In The Filing Cabinet And Leave Him There Until His Bones Are Bleached, Day' will probably still be observed in the outer regions of Anachronismia, as part of the annual remembrance of the start of that country's cultural revolution."

"But in the bigger scheme of things", he said, "it's a great step forward. We will be able to give an undertaking to almost ensure that a significant portion of the funds raised will nearly make it into the hands of those who need help."

Questioned about whether the UN had the capacity to effectively do anything at all to help anyone, Sound said "Look, if any individual citizen of the world; wherever he or she may live; whatever his or her situation; is concerned about this, or any other, issue; then he or she should write to the UN and we will talk about it amongst ourselves. After all, that"s what we"re here for."

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