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 Post subject: efficiency expert
PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2005 8:49 pm 
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I have just finished reading "efficiency expert" by edgar rice burroughs. Wow, it was a great read.

It reminded me a bit of ole Oscar Wilde, who of last year I have become a big fan. The way the plot moves, and the way the outcome is resolved, is close to that of wilde, in my opinion anyway.

I read and knew something of william s burroughs, so in the back of my mind I always wanted to know who this "edgar rice" fellow is. It seems was the creator of Tarzan. That is interesting.

Anyway this book, especially the beginning of it, relates exactly to my condition and present state. I have been educated at the university. I feel I have a great education in the liberal arts. I have some athletic record. But how will this give me an income, how will it get me a good job or a career? The illusions are falling from me. I realize it's going to be work and effort, especially if I want to do something entrepreneurial, which I'm not sure.

I have a little bit of money now so I'm fine for a time, like he was, but that could easily be depleted, and it is nothing when thinking of big things like house payments, which dwarfs my savings.

I was in japan and I didn't allow myself to touch the savings, for want of trying to build an income and make it entrepreneurially. I think I could have been successful if I would have applied myself, but being the rover I was, I opted for thailand and fun in the sun.

I almost feel I have gotten a second, unofficial degree in world studies, through all my travel east and west. But a degree doesn't equal a job. Doesn't equal a career or means of supporting oneself. I look with understanding at Jimmy's confidence that he can be the general manager of an industry just with a college degree. But they must be of use somehow.

We are not too similar of characters. Everyone is unique and individual. But we have common points, such as being an employee at entre-level and being humbled, which we might share in common.

I loved the story. I started it today and finished it today. I should be applying to more places, but I'm kind of just waiting for an interview on tuesday which I'm hopeful for. Semi-hopeful. Even if I get the job, would Iwant it? I should take it I know just to get experience, I don't have to keep it forever.

Anyway Efficiency Expert is a great story, particularily if you are in the frame of mind as I am- and I'm not just talking about the work situation, but in the frame of mind where you are also looking for justice in the world, whether honesty can make it, whether society is fair and true. Yes it's a "happy ending" albiet with some sadness. I would not have been dissapointed if it would not have been a happy ending, because I know in life sometimes that's the case. But the ending wasn't cliche, and it wasn't gay either. It was probably life-like, which I believe is what describes the story very well and what made it so readable to me, like "shout at the devil", my last book, by Wilbur Smith, also recommended, but which unfortunately you have to buy :(

Anyway, this is just my review, of a book that for me was and is a bit of wake up call. My next read will probably be picture of dorian gray. yeah, i look to these kinds of books for real life guidance. what else?

we are all greater artists than we realize

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