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 Post subject: IVANHOE
PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:07 pm 
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I need some strong quotes from the book Ivanhoe that help to summarize some of the plot and/or theme. Thank you!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 1:48 am 

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On the theme of Norman/Saxon animosity:
Front -de-Boef, 'Ay, said the Baron: 'it had been better for thee to have been a Norman, and better for my purpose too; but need has no choice of messangers.'
'Thou seest, Sir Friar, yon herd of Saxon swine,...
'Ha, thou changest thy tone , Sir Priest, and speakest brief and bold, as if thou were in slaughter of the Saxon herd ; yet thou art thyself kindred to the swine?'

Wamba(son of Witless): "Norman saw on English oak'
On English neck a Norman yoke;
Norman spoon in English dish,
And English ruled as Normans wish;
Blithe world to England never will be more,
Till England's rid of all the four."

Athelstane: 'My lineage, proud Norman, is drawn from a source more pure and ancient than that of a beggarly Frenchman, whose living is won by selling the blood of the thieves of whom assembles under his paltry standards. Kings were my ancestors , strong in war and wise in council, who every day feasted in their hall more hundreds than thou can number individual followers; whose names have been sung by minstrels......

Cedric: 'The foul fiend, take the curfew -bell, and the tyrannical bastard(William the Bastard, aka William the Conqueror, aka William of Normandy)by whom it was devised , and the heartless slave who names it with a Saxon tongue to a Saxon ear! The curfew! ; which compels true men to extinguish their lights , that the theives and robbers may work their deeds in darkness!-Ay, the curfew;-Reginald Front-de-Bueof and Philip de Malvoism know the use of the curfew as well as William the Bastard himself,.....'

Author: Four generations had not sufficed to blend the hostile blood of the Normans and Anglo-Saxons......
......two hostile races, one of which still felt the elation of triumph, while the other groaned under the consequences of defeat. the power had been completely placed in the hands of the Norman nobility by the event of the Battle of Hastings , and it had been used, history tells us, with no moderate hand.
....to keep open the wounds which the Conquest had inflicted, and to maintain aline of separation betwixt the descendants of the victor Normans and the vanquished Saxons

On the theme of antisemitism and its backlash:
Athelstane: I were unworthy to be called a Christian if they did (belong to this Saxon's company), deal with the unbelievers as ye list.'

De Bracy: 'Safe thou art, and for Christianity here is the stout Baron Reginald Front-De-Boeuf, whose utter abomination is a Jew; and the good Knight Templar, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, whose trade is to slay Saracens; if these are not good marks of Christianity, I know no other which they bear about them.'

'St Mary,' said the Abbot, crossing himself, 'an unbeliving Jew , and admitted into this presence!'

'A dog Jew,'echoed the Templar,' to approach a defender of the Holy Selpecure?'

Gurth: 'What Isaac! thou must have a conscience, though it be a Jewish one.'

Isaac of York: ....and I trust too in the rebuilding of Zion, but as well do I hope with my own bodily eyes to see the walls and battlements of the new Temple, as to see a Christian , yea, the very best of Christians , repay a debt to a Jew, unless under the awe of the judge and gaoler.'

I hope these are helpful.

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