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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:57 am 

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This friend of mine sad this quote to me and I have been trying to figure out where it came from. I thought it might have come out of a book. If anyone knows of any novel that it came from please tell me which one and by who.

".....searching for wondrous things not meant for wondering eyes"

Every man carries a circle of hell around his head like a halo. Every man, every man has to go through hell to reach his paradise.
Robert De Niro, Cape Fear

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 5:53 am 
Sgt Fluffy
Sgt Fluffy

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Again, this is probably better suited in the "Who Said That?" Forum.

Here is what I found:


Ring out the bells and shout with glee,
This glorious New-Year's morn;
Away with care and misery!
To-day a year is born.
So ever let our New-Years be,
As they have been of yore,
And as we sang in Fifty-three,
We'll sing in Fifty-four.

We will not be too grave of face,
Though Time be flying fast;
'Tis not the hour, 'tis not the place,
Sad horoscopes to case;
Nor yet too thoughtless may we be,
but sometimes ponder o'er
The woes we felt in Fifty-three,
and may in Fifty-four.

The heart that's warm or soul that's true
Avoids the fierce extreme--
Has truth, and truth alone in view;
And is what it doth seem;
No false pretense shall ever be
Laid justly at its door--
For as it was in Fifty-three,
It is in Fifty-four.

Then be not sad, nor over gay,--
Let Reason rule the hour,
Her temperate commands obey,
And own her genial power;
What though we toss on Passion's sea,
Where furious tempests roar!
Hope steered us safe through Fifty-three,
and will through Fifty-four.

Last night, as Evening's curtain rolled
Adown the darkening West,
And hid those floating isles of gold
That watch the sun to rest,
I chanced in a fair hall to be,
Where Art had heaped her store,--
Her home in Fifty-four.

'Twas there the fair Enchantress Art,
Sole Empress; reigned supreme;
There wrote the language of the heart,
With Sol's translucent beam;
There dwelt she in her majesty,
And proud her sceptre bore,
All through the year of Fifty-three,
And will through Fifty-four.

There thronged a mighty multitude:
Old Age with silver hair;
The Man that like the gnarled oak stood;
The maid so wondrous fair;
The laughing eyes of infancy;
The look that Manhood wore;
All gathered there in Fifty-three,
And will in Fifty-four.

There too I saw the "Old Arm Chair,"
And thoughts of sadness stole,
Like, the soft light that lingered there,
Down through my dreaming soul;
For then the past came back to me--
The dear old days of yore--
Long ere the dawn of Fifty-three,
Yet fresh in Fifty-four.

There, too, I saw the bold and brave,
Whose names have graced the age;
Though slumbering in the silent grave,
Safe through life's pilgrimage,
As real seemed they there to me,
As, some short time before,
I saw alive in Fifty-three,
The dead of Fifty-four.

And many wondrous things I saw;
But, chief of all the throng,
I bowed myself in humble awe
Where Jordan rolled along--
For there my wondering eyes did see,

And long did ponder o'er
The Palestine of Fifty-three,
Shown here in Fifty-four.

Upon the mount of Olives then
I seemed in truth to stand,
And gazed o'er Kedron's lonely glen,
Where strayed the chosen band;
Jerusalem and Gallilee
Spread all the eye before,
As erst they lay in Fifty-three,
And will in Fifty-four.

There Nazareth and Bethlehem,
And Zion's Mountain rose,--
Sad Landmarks, for they spoke of HIM,
The man of many woes,
Who through long years of poverty
Oft trod their pathways o'er,
For all who were in Fifty-three,
Or are in Fifty-four.

Then turned me to our own fair land,
For Art hath lingered here,
And at her self enforced command
A thousand scenes appear;
For here her dwelling-place will be--
Her home for evermore--
The glorious Queen of Fifty-three,
Supreme in Fifty-four.

The Grecian Artist's pencil drew
Such wondrous counterfeit,
That birds upon the canvass flew,
And strove the fruit to eat;
But wonders greater still we see
Upon our native shore,
Where Art has strayed in Fifty-three,
And will in Fifty-four.

For art and nature here have joined
As partners with the Sun,
And in one ROOT have all combined,
And now they work as one;
Of what they do, 'tis not for me
More closely to explore;
You saw it all in Fifty-three
Or may in Fifty-four.

'Tis time to end this rambling rhyme,
Kind reader, Au revoir!
I'll call again another time,
and tell what more I saw,
As in Broadway, three sixty-three,
I strayed an hour or more--
As you have done in Fifty-three,
Or will in Fifty-four.

There pictures that may challenge all
That Art hath ever done,
Since Father Adam's direful fall,
To all the world are shown!
And though they won the victory
Full many a time of yore,
The choicest gems of Fifty-three
Are beat by Fifty-four.

There go, and while you rove at will
As through a gay parterre,
Forget not, though you may be still
All young and strong and fair,
Another year there may not be
For you or yours in store;
For what was bright in Fifty-three
May fade in Fifty-four.

Improve the present--Time and Death
Go hand in hand for aye;
The flower that blushed in morning's breath
May wither with the day;
Trust not the Future--none can see
Beyond its gloomy dour;
But seize the shade of Fifty-three
E'er barred by Fifty-four.

Once more, Farewell! May Love and Peace,
Long Life and sweet Content,
Keep even with the year's increase--
By favoring Heaven sent;
In Fifty-five I hope to be
Your dutiful once more,
To sing; as now of Fifty-three,
A song of Fifty-four.
http://www.daguerre.org/resource/dagnew ... 01-98.html

Out across the slumbering meadow,
on a starry, moonless night...
I can hear them as they gather,
I can see their dancing light...

The air is charged with strangeness,
a mysterious form of energy...
Hypnotic sounds of chanting,
draw me towards a secret liturgy...

Staying hidden in the forest shadows,
I watch with wondering eyes...
A radiant woman, robed in velvet,
pulling starlight from the skies...

My breath held tight, my body a quiver,
from fright or just total delight...
Foolish I am, to stay here like this,
helpless to pull back from the sight...

Watching till break of dawn draws near,
the sights and sounds so enchanting...
Knowing I'll never perceive things the same,
from this night of mind expanding...

They gather their things preparing to leave,
I begin moving from my hiding place...
Glancing one last time at the woman, I find,
her staring at me, with a smile on her face...

Smiling in return, I head towards my home,
amazed by the wondrous things I've seen...
For the rest of my life, I'll know in my soul,
Magic is not just for Hallowe'en......

Jadie Rose

Copyright©1999 Jadie Rose
All Rights Reserved

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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