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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 3:17 am 
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I have some quotes I would like to share with you and see what you think.

On Sloppy Slippers
"When you wear your Sloppy Slippers just think what it is doing to old Mr and Mrs Hip along at number two lower abdomen drive. I think they would get so fed up they would pack up and leave. It happens! " - Connor Davidson

On holocaust deniers.

"I recommend holocaust deniers go see a psychiatrist, they are mad. Anyway how dare they be so rude. People lost family in the holocaust try telling them it's a conspiracy, it is all wrong and they are the wrong ones – expect a slap if nothing else." - Connor Davidson

On the lightbulb

"Edison did not invent the light bulb he only tried but failed and then stamped his name on the product - talk about cheek. It was actually invented by a quite chemist in a small attic flat called Joseph Wilson Swan." -Connor Davidson

On space exploration

"We need the whole world to get together and fund a mission to inhabit the moon like in space 1999. Think about it, it would be like having a world war on a pensioner's budget. We could even take the modern approach and put it on a credit card. Why not? " - Connor Davidson

On the ecconomy

"Money is not funny" - Connor Davidson

On the league of nations

"The League of Nations started flawed. It was too pedantic about the countries that could get in for a start. The Russians were not allowed to join because they were communist. The Germans were not allowed in because the victors of World War One were snobs. "Ah, Germany is a defeated nation it can not get into our "club"." Does anyone know why not allowing one of the most industrialized countries in the world in an organization to keep peace is a good idea? In addition, two of the most powerful countries in the world not being allowed in the most powerful - America - would not even join the club they themselves set up. So what does this leave... Britain and France - the most powerful... eh, BANKRUPT nation. Has anyone spotted a pattern yet? " - Connor Davidson

On communism

“Communism is an idealistic ideological impossibility. However if it were to work it would be a pretty picture of perfection." -Connor Davidson

On war momorials [b]

"The Menin Gate and Thiepval war memorial were the size of about four football pitches square and one high. I found it truly remarkable that a war ridden country with debts like a 21st century credit card enthusiast could actually afford to build such a monument, the Menin gate is covered in marble for goodness sake! " -Connor Davidson

Do you like? I do![/b]

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:01 pm 

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Keep up the reading one day your heart will find what its looking for and then out of that experience your mouth will speak wisely and the speech of your tongue shall be your most heartfelt, important and favourite quote...please remember my words of understanding! :idea:

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