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Today's Featured Quotation Book

Famous Lines : A Columbia Dictionary of Familiar Quotations
by Robert Andrews (Editor)
I wish I had owned this quote book when I was doing my Quote of the Week on Sickness. This collection has many unique quotations that you wouldn't find in any other collection. In fact, there is a section on Frigidity (only one quote in the section, but still). I dare you to find another collection with as varied a selection of quotes. [More Reference Quotation Books]

Recommended Reading

Poems: A Selection
by William Claire
A selections of poems William Claire has written, and published, over the past 40 years. [More Recommended Reading]

Today's Featured Reference Book

Coined by Shakespeare
by Stanley Malless, Jeffrey McQuain, R. O. Blechman (Illustrator)
"Words and Meanings First Used by the Bard" Organized alphabetically, this book concentrates on words that were invented by Shakespeare. You'll be surprised which words were originally coined by the Bard. [More Other Reference Books]

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